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— by Owner, Helen Lawson

Our secret system to build a better body produces amazing results. We’ll get to the details later. First, it’s important you understand that these results take time. Why?

Because you can’t build muscle quickly. And, if you lose weight without building muscle you’ll gain that weight back quickly! How do I know? Because I’ve been there!

I lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks. Here I was, a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and I was thin but I felt awful and looked like crap. I was working out, but I wasn’t building muscle. My body was thin and ugly!

I gained some weight back and then I found CrossFit. At first “CrossFit” just made me feel worse! I was in pain all the time, and I knew if I kept it up I would get hurt. It took me years to learn how to modify the CrossFit program to help myself and help others without causing more problems.

Why am I giving away our secret now? Because my job is to do the most good. This means helping as many people as possible. I still want to help you even If there is some reason you can’t come to CrossFit.

So, here is our secret system that has made better bodies for life:

  • Nutrition is most important – eat “clean” for better performance, sleep, and workout results. Manage calories & macros to lose weight.
  • Mobility & flexibility is required for safety –15 minutes daily working on your problem areas. Don’t stretch what’s already over stretched.
  • Metabolic Conditioning is better than traditional “Cardio” – It burns more calories in less time while making you stronger. However, too many reps will hurt you. Knowing your limits is important for safety.
  • Gymnastics should be mastered before strength training. For safety, you should learn how to move your body before moving weight.
  • Weight lifting (not machines or rubber bands) provides the best functional strength, is more fun & provides more variety to workouts.
  • Adults should play sports. CrossFit is a sport to some of us.

Yes, our secret is a complicated formula. You could do it on your own, but it would be trial and error. The reason it works for us is because our CrossFit Coaches are fitness professionals. They are educated and experienced in helping people reach their goals safely.

Most gyms and programs don’t have such a complicated methodology. Most CrossFit gyms don’t either. This system took us a long time to develop and it works. Our results are great and our injury rate is low. We have had members of all fitness levels, age groups and backgrounds following our program for years.

What is your health and fitness worth? If you spent 4 hours and $35 a week to get the body you want would it be worth it? If so then it’s time to Get Started (Click HERE)

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