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Check out the leaderboard!

Check out the leaderboard!

February 24, 2012

Yesterday and this morning we did the CrossFit Games Open workout #1: AMRAP Burpees in 7 minutes. If you did the workout already you can check out the leaderboard to see where you match up to the best of the best! Remember, these are the fittest athletes in the world that you’re comparing yourself too! Some of them were prior professional athletes and many of them have been CrossFitters for years!

If you didn’t do it yet and want to then go for it at home, but make sure you warm up well first! Set a timer and pace yourself! Let me know if you want to do this WOD at the gym and I’ll schedule a time with you.

Each week (if we have the proper equipment) I’ll add the Games Open workout to the agenda. It won’t always be on the same day of the week though so you’ll never know when to expect it!