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Our Coaches

Our coaches are all experienced not only in CrossFit, but in life! We have been in your shoes and can relate to issues with weight loss or gain, pain, relationships, regulating sleep, and all the demands that life and work puts on us.

As educated and professional fitness Coaches, we understand the unique needs of our members. Each CrossFit experience is tailored toward individual’s personal fitness needs and goals. Our coaches take time to learn about you-your goals and aspirations-in order to help you achieve your dreams. We take a personal interest in our athletes and the more we know- the more we can help. We know when to push you and know when to let you push yourself. We know when you need to challenge yourself and know when you need to rest. Together- we make good things happen!


We at CrossFit Schenectady focus on three important principles:

  • Establish great mechanics and technique: Knowing the proper form for all movements will not only protect youfrom injury but help you learn to move your body properly to get the results you want to see.
  • Ensure that mechanics and technique are consistent: We don’t want you to learn the technique and do it once.We want to make sure your body learns the right movement consistently. How? Practice!
  • Increase intensity: When you can repeat the movements with great technique- it’s time to step up intensity! We may stay at the new intensity level for a while to make sure that great technique is seen consistently- but once it does, guess what? Step it up again!

Our coaching motto: Great Technique + High Intensity = Amazing Results