We’ll start April 30th, 2018 and meet 3 days each week for 2 weeks:
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  • 6:45 AM or 4:10 PM Monday-Wednesday-Friday

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If you are looking to get off the couch, start moving more or start moving BETTER then this program is for you!

Seasoned athletes and complete beginners (yes, even “couch potatoes”) will benefit from this program.

Our Couch to Crossfit program teaches you Crossfit basics, including nutrition.
We will equip you to reach your goals mentally and physically.

In a small group training environment, you will work closely with others who have similar goals to you.
You don’t need workout experience or need to be “in shape” to do this program.
It is specifically designed to allow everyone to move at their own speed.

Each class will build on the last to provide an easy learning experience.
You’ll learn new skills, stretch, strengthen, make friends and have fun.
Gradually, you’ll increase the intensity and weights you lift.
By the time you’re done, you’ll feel confident you can “do CrossFit” or anything!

    This membership includes:

  • 6 Couch to CrossFit classes (M-W-F at 6:45 AM or 4:10 PM)
  • Consultation with our nutritionist Christa Valentine, RD
  • CrossFit Tshirt & Log Book

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