Our Group Beginners Classes and Private Beginners Sessions teach basic skills to safely and comfortably ease new members into CrossFit classes.

If you’re unsure how to proceed Contact Us before classes fill up.

6:45 AM or 4:10 PM
April 30th, 2018 – May 12th, 2018
15% discount for family & friends

6 CrossFit Beginner Classes
Nutritionist Consultation & Meal Plan
CrossFit Schenectady T-Shirt
(FYI…We have showers to help you get to work on time)

Scheduled individually to best suit your availability.
4 CrossFit Beginner Sessions
Nutritionist Consultation & Meal Plan
CrossFit Schenectady T-Shirt
Bring a friend and they get a 50% off

Start any time
Great for those with physical limitations or injuries
Focus on form and technique to ensure safety & efficiency
Perfect movement patterns to ensure safety & efficiency
Scale movements based on ability level and determine appropriate options
Help to decide next steps: Personal Training, Group beginners or CrossFit classes

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