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Is every day a test?

Is every day a test?

January 10, 2012

Picture a school where you took a test every day. There would never be any time for lectures or learning new things, just taking tests. Every day and every class would be a test. Some tests would cover new materials you’ve never seen before and other tests would cover old material but ask the questions in a different way. Does that sound fun? Productive? Would you actually learn anything?

So, why would you expect to show up at the fitness club and compete in every Workout of the Day (WOD)? Some days should be about learning new skills. Some days should be about perfecting your form. Some days will be about healing the wounds you got the day before. And then once in while there will be a Test.

A Test will kick your butt! It will leave you lying in a pool of your own sweat not knowing which muscles will be sore the next day. Yesterday was a test for SOME of you. It was a chipper of high rep Air Squats, KB Swings, Push Press, Burpees, and finally Wall Climbs (if you made it that far). Some of you passed the test and others did not. Only you know your results.

If you tried hard, if you counted every rep, if you repeated a missed rep (missed your squat target or didn’t hit lockout at the top of the push press?) then you passed. Even if you didn’t finish you still passed. If you came in first or last doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you tested your body and gave it all you had. You didn’t cheat and you did your best.

Maybe however, you show up even though you’re not feeling so well. Maybe you have a cold or didn’t get much sleep last night? Maybe you had to come to a later class than normal and its past your bed time. It’s ok to slide through a WOD or two. You don’t always have to do your best, even on test day. You’ll keep coming to those skill days and those strength building days. You’ll keep learning technique with light weights. You’ll do your “cardio” workouts that come with your very own sweat angel.

Keep your head up high. Because when that next test comes you’ll be ready. You’ll start not knowing it’s a test, then after a few minutes you’ll want to give in, you’ll want to stop and rest, you’ll want to ask for lower weight or more assistance and you won’t. Next time you’ll pass the test.

Study for next time. Practice for next time. Ask questions, eat right, get your rest and heal your wounds. Prepare for the next test day. It may be tomorrow or it may be next month. In the middle of the WOD when you want to give in and want to give up – DON’T! And you’ll pass the test.