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What always makes you sore?

What always makes you sore?

February 27, 2012

Really, what I want to know is what makes you sore that probably shouldn’t? For me its GHD sit-ups, pistols and high rep pushups. I know that if I do its > 30 GHD situps, > 50 pistols and/or > 50 pushups I’ll be sore the next day or maybe even a few days depending on what else I did with them. I think I should be able to do at least 50 GHD Situps, 80 pistols (40 each leg) and 80 pushups without being too sore the next day.

Why do we need to know?

Two reasons:

1) You need to work on these things to improve them. Before class, after class, on your own time, you should be working on things you suck at. There are 2 types of things you may suck at. The first is a technical skill that you aren’t too good at such as Cleans, Jerks or Snatches. The second type of suck, the one we are talking about today is the stuff you know how to do but your body isn’t strong enough for.

2) These are probably also areas that are tight. If my chest is sore all the time (because we do pushups all the time) then it is probably tight too. And if it isn’t tight yet, it will be getting tighter as I work on improving my performance in that area by doing more pushups!
So, let’s start making our weaknesses our strengths! If you finish a WOD early then work on one of your sucks. Come in early (make sure you warm up) or stay late to work on them too!