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Whats the hardest part?

Whats the hardest part?

February 16, 2012

For me the hardest part of the Whole30 is definitely the CRAP: wine and ice cream! As soon as I’m stressed the first thing I think about is a glass of wine. Then when I think “oh…I can’t have that” then I think about ice cream. Then “Are you serious?” No wine or ice cream? Ugghhhhh!

We all have our “C. R. A. P.”. What do I mean by CRAP? Carbonation, Refined Sugar, Alcohol and Processed foods. I mean the stuff we know isn’t good for us that we love and continue to eat anyway. For the most part I’d say that it only becomes CRAP when you start to over-indulge. If you only have 1 CRAPpy item each week then you are probably doing ok. But, when you are putting over 750 calories of CRAP in your body every day you know you’re in trouble!

I started to wean myself off the CRAP about 2 weeks ago. Since then some interesting things have been happening:
1 – I have tons of energy!
2 – All my fingernails broke – I realized I cut 750 calories a day out of my diet and never replaced them!
3 – My blood sugar is starting to regulate again.
4 – I’ve hit a Press, Bench Press and Front Squat PR all in the last 2 weeks.
5 – My cardio (metcon) times still suck!
6 – Some weird hormonal changes (no details on the internet!)
7 – The weirdest: I’ve been cleaning the house, doing laundry and cooking! Maybe that’s part of the hormonal changes? Or energy level? Or perhaps I’m just filling the time I used to use sitting on the coach drinking wine.