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Whole30 or Partial30?

Whole30 or Partial30?

February 18, 2012

Below is a typically day diet for me on the Whole30:

Breakfast: Comination of PaleoKit (Jerky, nuts & fruit), hard boiled eggs, fruit and/or Granola. The 2nd to last ingredient in the grain free granola is honey so I guess that’s not exactly Whole30 worthy?

Lunch: Leftover meat and veggies or salad. If I have a salad I’ll use store bought salad dressing . The dressing is of course not totally Whole30 worthy either.

Snacks: Fruit or Jerky

Dinner: Salad (more dressing), Meat and Veggies. See the meat disclaimer below:

Now you all know that I don’t really cook. Ray cooks dinner for me every night so for the most part I have to eat what he makes. He’s been very good about the Whole30 thing but I know I can’t push my luck or the cook will quit! He makes meatloaf with bread crumbs in it. If he makes pork or chicken with a breadcrumb coating I’ll try to scrape it off. When he makes sauce I’ll have the meatballs (best I’ve ever had!) with the bread crumbs in them and have roasted eggplant both with sauce (I forgot and used cheese last time too). Most of the time I don’t really know all the ingredients he cooks with so I’m sure I’m getting some butter I’m not supposed to have. My basic rule is: if it looks like meat, smells like meat and tastes like meat (and doesn’t come from a package with ingredients on it) then I’ll eat it.

So, probably every other day I have a very tiny something that isn’t on the Whole30 plan. Does that mean I’m cheating? Does it mean I shouldn’t bother? Does it mean I can just go back to eating ice cream and drinking wine every day?